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SUS (System Usability Scale):

Type: Likert Scale Questionnaire

Purpose: The SUS is a widely used questionnaire designed to assess the usability of a system, product, or website. It consists of 10 questions and provides a quick and reliable way to measure overall user satisfaction and usability. It's often used in usability testing and user experience research.

SUPR-Q (Standardized User Experience Percentile Rank Questionnaire):

 Type: Likert Scale Questionnaire

Purpose: The SUPR-Q is a questionnaire that evaluates the overall user experience of a website or digital product. It assesses factors like usability, trust, appearance, and loyalty. Researchers use it to obtain a standardized measure of user experience and compare it to industry benchmarks.

CSUQ (Computer System Usability Questionnaire):

 Type: Likert Scale Questionnaire

Purpose: The CSUQ is a questionnaire specifically designed to evaluate the usability of computer software systems. It assesses user satisfaction with various aspects of the system, such as system capabilities, documentation, and user support. It helps identify areas for improvement in software usability.

QUIS (Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction):

Type: Likert Scale Questionnaire

Purpose: The QUIS is a questionnaire developed for assessing user satisfaction with the human-computer interaction in software applications or systems. It focuses on aspects like screen design, terminology, error messages, and overall user experience. Researchers use it to gather detailed feedback on interface design.

SUMI (Software Usability Measurement Inventory):

Type: Questionnaire with Likert Scale and Open-ended Questions

Purpose: The SUMI is a comprehensive usability questionnaire that evaluates software usability from various angles, including efficiency, learnability, and overall user experience. It provides a detailed analysis of user perceptions and is useful for identifying specific usability issues.

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